As long as it’s with you, I don’t regret it at all.




…Malzahar. Your Voidling is on my head again. 

((Ahaha aww that’s so cute! ;v; Thank you!))

It’s doing it again.

Greetings, mortals. 

Love? No need for that emotion. They are the minions of the Void that I have created.

Voidlings do not require food to survive. Void essence is all that they require. However, they do like the taste of flesh and blood from our fallen foes.

(( Thank you, MageCakes for coloring this for me~ Lineart done by Mun. ))

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Die? It returns to the Void once it serves its purpose in the battlefield. However, the creature is alive out of the League… It serves as my minion. When he’s not around, he tends to cause mishaps of his own…

(( Voidiling is back! This wonderful person wanted to draw an ask for me <3. She’ll be doing some drawings with me! ))

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I dislike being completely immersed in water but if it’s for Talon then so be it…Unlike him, I learned how to swim. Quite an annoyance since my mortal side is unable to swim.

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Perhaps this mortal…

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I cannot recall many of my mortal memories… From what I recall, a fellow thief who stole an apple for me.

… And a women I offered as sacrifice. … Er murder. An odd request from the Void though she looked really familiar.

[ Used this head canon… and warped it for my head canon. ]

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Why would she charm such a prophet as myself? I provide no essence for her motives.Which means no attempts are made by Ahri’s behalf to perform such an act toward me.

Why do you mortals continue to pester me?
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